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LV Opportunity

Real Opportunity for real people.

Everyone wants to feel good, enjoy health and have the choices that come with financial independence. At LifeVantage, we can help you achieve these goals.

There has never been a better time to begin your LifeVantage business. Those who see the potential and act now will benefit from our continued, imminent growth.

But here is what makes LifeVantage different: distributors have the exclusive right to share Protandim, the Nrf2 Synergizer, which is protected by patents and validated by peer-reviewed science.

LifeVantage has a compensation plan unlike any other because of the associated bonuses and payouts percentage. Distributors who take advantage of this compensation plan, along with the timing of company growth and the foundation of science, will change their lives and the lives of others for the better.

Opportunity Pack

5 Bonuses paid weekly & monthly

  • Smart Start Bonus
  • Launch Bonus
  • Elite Pool
  • Royalty Commission
  • Generational Matching Bonus

Compensation Plan

Compensation plan like no other.

Weekly Monthly Elite

Smart Start Bonus

Be rewarded weekly on product purchased by new distributors you enroll. Earn a percentage for each purchased Vantage Pack product by a new distributor, products purchased (like Protandim and TrueScience) by a new distributor and on new preferred customer product purchases.

Royalty Commission

Earn long-term residual income on product sales within your entire organization. All product sales volume are dynamically compressed and you qualify to earn up to nine levels as you advance in rank.

Generational Matching Bonus

Earn a percentage match on the royalty checks of your personal enrollees' commissions based on sales from their downline. Earn an additional percentage, down four enrollment generations, of your personal enrollees' royalty checks based on sales from their downline.

Elite Bonus Pool

Earn a percentage of the global commissionable sales after reaching the rank of Elite Pro 7.


Business Trianing

Our proven plan.

At LifeVantage, we are here to support you every step of the way as you work to create and live the life you've always dreamed of.

We are here with you as you build your LifeVantage business and as you embark on your journey of personal development helping yourself and others find financial freedom.

We have created a proven system that will assist you on the path to success and to eventually become a Master distributor.

The Master Track utilizes our Blueprint for Prosperity training manual, the Proven Plan business system, weekly Pro Audio Series training programs, training calls, conference calls, personal mentoring, monthly Premier School training meetings, quarterly Elite Academy events, and annual Global Conventions, incentives and promotions.

The Master Track is your track to success. Embark on the journey to a better you.

Network Marketing

The LifeVantage advantage.

Network marketing is the ideal business model that allows anyone to reach out and thrive regardless of economic conditions. In network marketing, you are an independent contractor with complete control over building and conducting your business, but you still have the support of a parent company, as well as other advantages. You don't have to create a business plan, you don't have to create a product; you just have to find a company you like and a product you believe in and get to work.

Anyone can do network marketing. It is for men and women of all backgrounds and ages, or from all ethnic or socioeconomic groups. For example, the LifeVantage family includes people from all walks of life: doctors, lawyers, teachers, athletes, stay-at-home moms, realtors, young adults, senior citizens and students from all around the world.

In direct sales, you are empowered to dream and achieve beyond what you thought was possible, to create and live the life you've always dreamed of.

That is network marketing. THAT is LifeVantage.

Our Purpose
All of us want to live longer—much, MUCH longer. But to reach that goal, we know people will first need to biohack both their physical and financial health.

That’s why we’ve combined cutting-edge research in the field of nutrigenomics with a powerful entrepreneurial vehicle.

We call it Life Activated.
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